My name is Chad Hellenthal, husband, and father of 3 boys.  I’m a school teacher and residential/commercial painter.  I’m a “Christian Man.”  My walk did not begin until 1997 when I was 24 years old.  Although happy for all that God has done in my life since then, I often wonder how much more could have been done within me if I’d been fully committed at all times.   I’ve developed this blog for several reasons:  I learn best by writing and much of what I write is based on what God is working on in my own life.  Writing causes me to research,  provides an outlet, and helps fuels a hunger within me.  I am closet to God during the times of my life when I am writing.  May I never stop.  As a father, there is also a part of me that desires to leave a legacy of wisdom and reflections for my children and eventual grand children.  Hopefully they can avoid many of the troubles that I’ve had to experience over the years from not looking for guidance through the Word.

I enjoy playing disk golf and shooting guns.  My teams are the Yankees, Falcons, and Penn State.

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